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Thread: Apha-Pharma?

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    Hello everyone,

    Just wondering if Alpha-Pharma is still a good brand to go with?

    Back story below,

    Been a while since I posted, I am basically doing mostly TRT these days and found out that the 1ml bottles of TestC I am getting from the local CVS are costing my insurance over 100 dollars per ML!.

    The patriot in me can not stand being part of this drug company scam that is driving the cost of insurance through the roof, so this is why I am purchasing online.....PS still have plenty of homebrew but its all 3-6 yrs old now and I can feel the depot more than I do with fresh gear so I would prefer to source the Alpha if its still legit.

    If not any other brands that xxps gear sells that you would suggest?

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    Have you tried using Good-Rx? There are times it is less expensive than running it through insurance.

    Also, we can post source names, but not contact information so if you want to post that sources name, feel free to do so. I know who you're talking about, but others with feedback may not know who you mean.

    Edit: CVS ran out of testosterone a while back and was uncertain when they would get more. I transferred that prescription to Walgreens across the street and to avoid the hassle if dealing with my insurance and having to sign a form saying I didn't want their stupid delivery through the mail testosterone. Anyway, a 90 day supply which is 9ml was going to be $347. By the time GoodRx got done with it, 9ml was $31.
    You can dl the app to your phone and the they will enter the code for your testosterone that GoodRx provides and your done.
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    I've tried several different brands of test and Alpha Pharma makes me feel the best. It's a shame it's so expensive.


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    Just noticed that all the ones I bought are from the same batch #. So it probably depends if you get a good batch but all I can say is that this one is great.


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    Can't help as I've never used Alpha but happy to see your post. Stick around and don't be shy.
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    Alpha was busted a while back. The products are still available, but i haven't heard much on the new production. If your looking for just test theres quite a few long standing domestic ugls that you could go with. the source you mentioned has a checkered past. Some claim no issues while others claim the opposite.

    Im not sure if i have the right contact info, but they carry do many labs it would be hard for me to trust them. I would go with Balkan over alpha sering they have both.

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