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    One of the most beautiful mixes on the planet.
    I wish they made more test iso 250.
    That alone was far better then
    Prop or cyp ot e
    It's was like in between prop and e or c.
    Epic energy and less bloat to see the muscle growth.
    But this mix is just as good.

    Omnadren Review

    Omnadren is an anabolic steroid containing blend of four Testosterone esters. Omnadren goes on sale in the form of solution for intramuscular injections. You can buy Omnadren anabolic steroid in Bulgaria, Poland and Latvia.

    In retail sale, you can find glass ampoules containing 1 ml of Omnadren solution for intramuscular injections. Dosage of Testosterone blend in 1 ml of Omnadren solution is 250mg.

    Omnadren: active and inactive ingredients

    As active ingredients, Omnadren anabolic steroid includes:

    Testosterone decanoate (100 mg per 1 ml)

    Testosterone isocaproate (60 mg per 1 ml)

    Testosterone phenylpropionate (60 mg per 1 ml)

    Testosterone propionate (30 mg per 1 ml).

    As inactive ingredients, Omnadren solution includes:

    Benzyl alcohol

    Peanut oil for injections.

    Omnadren: manufacturer and supplier

    The manufacturer of Omnadren anabolic steroid is the largest Poland manufacturer of hormonal medications – pharmaceutical company Jelfa SA.

    The distributor of Omnadren solution for injections (Testosterone blend) is the European pharmaceutical company – PharmaSwiss.

    Dosing regimen

    Omnadren solution should be administered deeply into the gluteal muscle.

    To select the optimal dose of Omnadren, it is necessary to determine Testosterone levels in the blood plasma.

    Dosage of Omnadren depends on the initial Testosterone levels in the blood, the patient’s age and severity of androgen deficiency symptoms.

    The recommended single dose of Omnadren is 1 ml (one ampoule).

    The single dose of Omnadren can be increased up to 2 ml (two ampoules) for the treatment of some forms of male infertility.

    The recommended frequency of administering Omnadren solution is every 28 days.

    In some conditions, Omnadren solution should be administered every 7, 14 or 21 days.

    Drug interactions

    When using Omnadren in conjunction with anticoagulants (including Phenindione, Warfarin), the parameters of blood clotting have to be periodically checked.

    Diabetic patients taking Omnadren may require increasing the daily dose of insulin .

    When using Omnadren in combination with corticosteroids (Hydrocortisone, Triamcinolone, Betamethasone) or adrenocorticotropic hormones (Corticotropin), the risk of edema increases.

    If Omnadren is used together with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug – Oxyphenbutazone, Testosterone levels can be increased in the blood.

    Mechanism of action

    After the intramuscular administration of Omnadren solution, Testosterone blend is absorbed in the bloodstream and increases Testosterone concentrations in the blood plasma. Together with the blood, Testosterone penetrates into all tissues and organs providing androgenic and anabolic effect on the entire body.

    By providing androgenic effect, Omnadren (Testosterone blend) can stimulate the growth of seminal vesicles, testes and prostate. Moreover, Omnadren can affect spermatogenesis.

    By providing anabolic effect, Omnadren (Testosterone blend) stimulates the growth of skeletal muscles and synthesis of glycoprotein hormone in the kidneys, as well as increases the hemoglobin level in the blood and bone mineral density.

    The uniqueness of Omnadren anabolic steroid is that four different Testosterone esters have different duration of androgenic activity. After the intramuscular administration of the blend of different Testosterone esters, Testosterone level in the body remains at the consistently high level for a long time.

    Testosterone propionate increases plasma testosterone levels almost immediately after the intramuscular administration. The peak of androgenic activity is achieved within the first 24 hours after the injection of Testosterone ester.

    Testosterone phenylpropionate and Testosterone isocaproate exert androgenic effect approximately 24 hours after the intramuscular injection. These Testosterone esters help to maintain the androgenic effect within two weeks after the intramuscular administration.

    Testosterone decanoate exerts androgenic effect approximately two weeks after the intramuscular administration. At approximately this period, the androgenic activity of Testosterone phenylpropionate and isocaproate starts to decline.

    In intramuscular administration of anabolic steroids containing only one Testosterone ester, Testosterone concentration in the body decreases faster than after using the blend of Testosterone esters.

    Thus, an effective dose of injectable drug containing just one ester of Testosterone may reach 1000 mg, but the recommended single dose of Testosterone blend is just 250 mg (by 4 times less!).

    When using low doses of Testosterone blend, the risk of severe side effects is lower than when using injectable anabolic steroids containing high doses of one Testosterone ester.

    Food is everything!!!

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    Love these

    Food is everything!!!

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