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    This is true. As much as we try, this is why adolescents use AASs: they are too damn hard headed to listen to anybody's advice. Adolescence is very difficult time in today's performance society emphamsizing sex. Trying to talk highschoolifter out of taking AASs will undoubteldy end in failure.

    Even if you were older, I wouldn't recommend those AASs for a first cycle. Sustanon is quite strong, and do you mean oxymetholone (anadrol ) as the other? Anadrol should only be used by experienced AAS users and even then it is very dangerous especially to the liver.

    Hopefully you will wise up and wait a few more years before AASs. I am guessing you won't though, so all I can say is be careful and research all you can. I had been training myself many years naturally before going to AASs and I still wish I hadn't used some AASs (like Winstrol really messed up my joints).

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    There is no mention of oral steroids in the study. For all we know they could be on slin and HGH.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Iron Game
    I personally think they are very over-rated on the hepatoxic side of things. The liver especially, im always reading of people saying 'dont do this for more than 4 weeks or dont do that for more than 6 weeks because if you do your liver will get ****#d up'. The liver can be damaged to 75% and the liver can survive and remain functional on the 25% indefinitely. It is one of the most amazing organs and can withstand a lot of shit and can be neglected without much concern. Certain products can be used to reverse or prevent damage done but time off and no alcohol consumption can repair it in most cases within months to 100%.
    thats besides the point, i wouldnt want my liver getting ****ed up AT ALL

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    An oldie but a goodie. Good info.... feel it needs a bump back to the top.

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    Injections are still way less toxic.

    Just man the fck up

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