I have just started liquidex. When i tested my estrogen it was 230 on a scale of 130 or below. My Total T was 750. My test were taken about three days after injection so these numbers are in the middle of the spike. Since i have started liquidex my energy has increased. I feel so much better. I have also noticed my blood sugar levels have plumitted. They are staying in the 80's and sometimes dropping in to the 70's. I have only seen it jump above 100 twice and i test constantly. I am not sure why my blodd sugar is doing so well. I know my total test has probably jumped a little. I have never tested my free test so i am not sure what it is and if liquidex helps. Since i have just been on liquidex for a few weeks i have no clue as to what my estrogen is but i do know it is helping something for the betteer.