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    Injection of Test E, Adex and HCG timings at 2 times per week

    So.... am curious as to whether I have this right here. First, I have decided to go back to twice-weekly injections of Test E to try to stabilize my levels, reduce acne etc.

    Just started on HCG too, which I know the recommended is 2 x weekly as well. Trying to make it easy but also most effective when dealing with the Test E, arimidex and HCG and wanted your opinions...

    Inject Test E (60-80 mg per injection) Sunday evening and Thursday morning (3.5 days apart). That the easy part.

    Take .5mg arimidex the same time as the Test E injection to try to reduce shooting my E2 levels up. I am thinking this correctly right?

    Now, with HCG and trying to take it 2 x per week as well (300iu per inject), Chrisler and others recommend taking it 2 days before your injection, but since I'm injecting 2 x per week, thinking of taking the HCG the day before my Test E (so Saturday and Wednesday).

    Seems easy to me unless I've confused the issue with my rambling.

    Monday - nothing
    Tuesday - nothing
    Wednesday - HCG
    Thursday - Test E and adex
    Friday - nothing
    Saturday - HCG
    Sunday evening - Test E and adex

    Is my thinking right here, or should I just take the Test E, adex and HCG all at the same time? I don't want to drive my E2 up as I am succeptible to this. I also inject B12 the same time as Test E btw...

    what do you guys do if you're taking all three?

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    looks good to me.

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