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    Some help determining my labs

    Well just had some blood work done about a month and a half ago. But my doc didnt get all the neccessary labs requested. So on Tuesday I will be seeing another doc. But some things I have in question until then:

    Cortisol random - 10.4
    T4- 6.5
    T3 Total- 158.02
    Growth Hormone - <0.1 (thinking I have to call and actually get these results)

    Total test 547

    I am a 32 year old male, 6-2, 260 lbs. Been feeling shitty and tired as hell lately. I also have not been taking my anastrozle for quite some time and running 200mg cyp per week divided into 2 doses per week.

    Ill be going for a full work up in a few days but I have been thinking I also had an adrenal gland fatigue problem or thyroid

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    didnt see a question...

    but i'm sure youre gonna get your estro checked this coming bloodwork...high estradiol could be your prob....why did u stop taking your arimidex

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    Well initially it killed my sex drive which was never a problem. Even before TRT. But the first 10 weeks I always feel great. Then it levels off and I feel worse than when I started like now. Its almost like Im running 20+ week cycles of 200mg and coming off because thats how my current doc runs things.

    Ive been feeling so rotten I thought about coming off again taking a break and just running 2 big ones twice a year. Maybe a better doc can help me here.

    But my question was as far as a thyroid problem and not a T issue based on those labs.

    MY Total T is low for running 200mg per week. And the last time I came off T I used HCG for the first time ever and my T levels 4 months after were the same they are now minus being so miserable.

    But my doc runs it in cycles and I love the guy but doesent seem to know enough about this T treatment

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