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    B12 Dosage/Frequency

    For those of you supplementing with cyanocobalamin....B12, how much are you dosing at at what frequency? I figure since I am already pinning test. cyp. and have the gear for that, might as well consider some B12. Note I searched and looked around the Forum and didn't see anything about this subject....sure it is here somewhere though. Thanks,


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    A lot of guys put it in the same syringe as their test C as it ensures you get every last drop of test in the syringe if you draw the B12 first.

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    Would it work with sust? How much better is the injectable vits over orals anyway?

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    Yes, it will work with any combination stack of testosterone . The injections go directly into the bloodstream, the orals take a first pass through the liver.

    Check out the methylcobalamin form of B12 opposed to the cyanocobalamin ... Without doubt a better product! I've currently stopped taking any of it with my regiment, as my B12 levels in January were over 2,000. It's no big deal if they're up this high, but it was obvious that my body had a sufficient amount of the vitamin in circulation. Big jump considering I was in the low 200's a few years ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by frawnz View Post
    A lot of guys put it in the same syringe as their test C as it ensures you get every last drop of test in the syringe if you draw the B12 first.
    i thought you can't mix water and oil! i know B12 is an IM injection, but wondering since water and oil don't mix, how does it work once injected together with test? as far as dosage size and frequency my clinic prescribed it for me at 1ml every week using 27g x 1" needle.

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    I dose 1ml (1mg/1000mcg) 3 to 4 times a week (cyanocobalamin, not methylcobalamin). Cyanocobalamin is easier to get a hold of (research labs) for some reason. Like vette said, methyl is a much better option. I used to mix them in the same syringe, but then I started getting drops of it into my test vial, which I didn't really like. Extra pinning doesn't bother me.

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