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    Is HRT that bad? Or does it have its benefits..?

    I'm more or less resigned to the fact that i'm soon going to have to start HRT at the young age of 26. I posted a thread here a few months back basically looking for advice on a 'last resort' treatment of heavy HCG usage combined with Nolva and Clomid. That hasn't worked.

    However, after about 6 months now of feeling terrible (usual sides - low libido, tired empty feeling in the mornings, weight loss and fat gain etc.) i'm now actually looking forward to getting on it and getting back in shape. The way i see it if this is what i need to get back to normality even if it is a life sentence then what am i waiting for.

    The other possible benefit is that if i did get back to normal naturally i would never have entertained the idea of using AAS again. If i'm on HRT then i always have the option to go down that route. So although it's never a good thing for anyone to have to go through i've decided i am going to look on the bright side and won't let it wreck my life anymore.

    Anyone else in this position just stay positive guys thats the only way you will come out of it stronger.

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    i was 10 years older when i started but would have even at 26...i needed it and that was that...

    and i look at your headline as backwards...."is it that good? or does it have drawbacks?" "yes, not so much"

    best of luck bro

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    Drawbacks: cost, slight inconvenience.

    The cost isn't super high, but it is significant. I spend maybe $80 a month, plus doctor visits and blood work a few times a year.

    The inconvenience of a weekly (twice weekly for me) shot can get to some people over time. I am always worried about traveling. Can I take it on a plane? What if I get pulled over and they search my car for some reason? Is the prescription label on the box enough?

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    i started at 25 and havnt looked back. since trt life has been better

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    Quote Originally Posted by jpkman View Post
    and i look at your headline as backwards...."is it that good? or does it have drawbacks?" "yes, not so much"
    exactly what i wanted to say!

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