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    Quick question about BW timing...

    My current schedule is;

    Monday - HCG
    Tuesday - HCG
    Wednesday - Test Cyp injection
    Thursday - Arimidex

    Should I still get blood drawn on Wednesday morning? Or is the HCG going to throw off the results?
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    If you want to find out your trough levels, get BW done Monday before the HCG . You can also skip the HCG on the BW week and get the BW done Wednesday just as before.

    It is hard to say how much the HCG is adding to your T levels. This will vary from person to person based on your response to LH hormone, not to mention how much HCG you are injecting.
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    What GNBM said. Other than that pick your time and just be consistent with it. Personally, I wouldn't worry about the HCG and just do it on Wednesday, pre-injection.

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