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    Similarities between Clomid and HCG experiences?

    Technically I didn't take Clomid, but a mexican version called Omnifen. Like everything, I respond very strongly to it, so while my buddy took the recommended dose (something like 50mg daily) I could split the tablet into quarters and feel a benefit from 1/4 that much ... only about 12.5mg.

    The problem was that I would get serious hot flashes. I didn't feel well on Omnifen all the time. I felt more aggressive, and even noticed an increase in body odor / musky-ness. But the hot flashes and other sensations including generally feeling unwell gave me concern.

    Is HCG going to have a similar effect on me, you think? I know they both do similar things - just in different parts of the "process". One works in one location and the other affects a step further down the chain. I may begin on an official TRT therapy soon and Im curious if I should be worried about these side effects.

    Thank you.

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    Completely different substances. Did you test and/or treat E2 when on Clomid? You should have.

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    Let's look at it objectively and see what you can or can't do ...

    Clomid, or the Mexican replica of it, is a compound you want to use to stimulate your HPTA to naturally produce LH/FSH. If the pituitary is suppressed, but healthy enough to restart, then this compound should be administered for a short-term, basically a PCT, and then test LH/FSH levels to see if the HPTA is functioning.

    So, one main question is, did you take this compound for a period of time, stop, and run labs to check your LH/FSH?

    HCG will simply mimic the LH analog; stimulating the leydigs in the testicles to produce endogenous test.

    As dlhickey stated, they are completely different compounds. Hopefully you were not looking at a long-term mono therapy of Clomid? If your HPTA will not function after running Clomid, then the diagnosis is aiming to be secondary. Without knowing too much about yourself, all I can suggest at this stage is to work VERY closely with a qualified physician!

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    clomid is an estrogen antagonist, hcg is an LH analog...

    quite different, and don't think how you react on one tells you anything about the other.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HRTstudent View Post
    clomid is an estrogen antagonist, hcg is an LH analog...

    quite different, and don't think how you react on one tells you anything about the other.
    Yes! Clomid has been shown to increase endogenous test levels in some, and at a low doses (12.5mg ed or 25mg eod) it has been proven to be safe with no HPTA suppression. HCG is more of a quick fix (in terms of endogenous test production) as it will stimulate LH but can cause HPTA suppression with longterm use (this doesn't apply to you guys that are on HRT, as a twice weekly dose of HCG is safe and recommended).

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