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    is Low T my problem?

    Hi, I am new here. I came here because lately i've been feeling REALLY fatigued, unmotivated, and not interested in sex much. Not only that but I have had a HELL of a time burning fat and trying to gain muscle even with a VERY strict perfecly built diet and training plan. So I had my testosterone checked and it came back at 309 ng/dl which seems like it could be the reason why I am having these symptoms. The doctor said the only other thing that was low was my vitamin D which is odd because I've been taking around 1500 ui for a year or so straight. I'm curious as to how a 22 year old could have a testosterone level this low? I've been a healthy individual my whole life and don't have any pre-existing conditions to speak of. Any advice on where to go from here? This constant fatigue is killing me...and the lack of improvement in body composition regardless of my diet and training is VERY frustrating.

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    Yes, could be your problem. You are describing the signs I had that lead me to the doctor in the first place. Find a TRT Doctor in the sticky section and go and see them.

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    Your low serum levels are that of a man about 70 years of age...something is wrong with you as this is not age related androgen deficiency.

    You need full blood work done. Read kel's sticky at the top of the forum on Finding a TRT Doctor and you will see what you need.

    There are many conditions that can cause low testosterone levels and you need to find a Doctor who can diagnose you correctly.

    Make sure to get Proactin, LH and FSH tested as this will tell you if you have a pituitary tumor causing the condition.

    Also, get a full Thyroid work up done as well.

    Your Testosterone serum levels point to a medical condition.

    Have you used aas in the past? Are you taking any meds or supplements now? Is there any lifestyle events that you can point to that may be causing this.

    Tell us more about yourself.

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    point on gdevine, get full labs, be honest with current and past lifestyle (supplements/steroids /etc etc) and spill your guts on the forum. Lot of good, user friendly knowledge and advise out here. Its been an eye opening experience for me and the support here is top notch. Good luck my brother.

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