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    Arimidex and Tamoxiden questions? A little confused.

    Doc prescribed Adex and Tamo the other day as my E2 was too high as well as my prolactin. Dosage recommended was .5 Adex 2x week and 20mg Tamo 3x a week. Once my gyno symptoms go down and I get my bw tested in a couple of weeks when do I actually go off the AI? Do I also lower my TRT dosage during this time? and if so what will I know what is my optimal TRT dosage if im on AI at the same time?
    Doc say stick with current protocol and once gyno symptoms lower and bw comes back with my results (if E2 is good) start on lower TRT dosage to try and find optimal amount so estrogen doesn't increase too much again. Does this sound right?
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