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    T:E ratio questions

    In sports they do a urine test to determine the T:E ratio (testosterone to epitestosterone) in order to detect the presence of exogenous testosterone. In MMA, I think the limit is 6:1. Many people seem to think that 6:1 means "omg they have 6x the testosterone of a normal man!", but obviously that's not necessarily true. Couldn't their testosterone be within natural range (800-1200) but still have a high T:E ratio?

    Has anyone checked their own by any chance? I was hoping my blood test would show, but I guess epitestosterone isn't included. Anyway, I'm just curious about it!

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    Welcome. Sorry I haven't a clue. ...crazy mike

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    i would think a typical guy with 800 test would have around 30 e which is much more than 6x.

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    Epitestosterone - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    That article should answer all your questions.
    Let me know if it doesn't.
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