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    Bloodwork done - out of range on a few things . . .

    Looks like liver AST SGOT is high,

    Low Neutrophils and High Lymphs

    Also high on Glucose Serum

    Test Serum 531
    LH 5.3
    FSH 2.9
    Estradiol 33.2

    If it matters:
    38 years old
    5'11" 185 unk BF%

    Can anyone kinda give me a little insight on what all the numbers are painting the picture of?

    Thanks guysBloodwork done - out of range on a few things . . .-01.jpgBloodwork done - out of range on a few things . . .-02.jpg

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    it indicates you're a healthy guy for the BW you did, but there are far more panels need to be done to see the whole picture of your health. I am assuming you're not on TRT. complete thyroid panel would have been more revealing. don't worry about slightly off numbers, they don't mean anything for one blood test. look at Finding a Physician thread posted by Kelkel at the top of this section to see what BW you need done to get proper help.

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