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Thread: DHEA write up by my Doc (Dr. F Smith)

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    DHEA write up by my Doc (Dr. F Smith)

    Can DHEA Help Restore Your Youth? (And If Not, What Can?)

    Dr. Smith's Comments
    In my practice I "prescribe" a lot of DHEA. However, I do not recommend it without testing levels first. Problems are usually only encountered when doses are too high.
    Be advised of the warnings, as reported above, but taking DHEA can be very beneficial under the right circumstances. It is known that DHEA levels fall as we age and that persons who retain higher levels have better quality of health in many ways. Low levels are sometimes associated with adrenal insufficiency or fatigue. Supplementation can help them recover more quickly.
    It is easy to have levels checked. Blood testing is accurate and inexpensive. Saliva testing can afford more information because it couples cortisol measurements at four points during the day, thus providing a fuller evaluation of the adrenal function.
    - See more at: Can DHEA Help Restore Your Youth? (And If Not, What Can?)
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    thanks for sharing... there seems to be a lot of stuff to read on that web site!!!

    not sure if it's all worth reading, but, I guess I will get around to it sometime lol
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    i just looked her up on google, it says she's a gp? If so, that's really cool she is up to date on this stuff. She also didnt go to a top 50 med school, just goes to show how hard it is to find a trt doctor! That ear nose and throat doctor that went to ross may be your ticket!! lol

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