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    Primoteston Depot causing injures?

    I am taking Primoteston Depot (testosterone enanthate ) 100mg per week after a long battle with low t.
    This has made me a new man. Full libido, heaps and energy and feel great.
    However since being on trt, I have endured a labrum tear in both shoulders and now a meniscus tear in my left knee.
    Anyone else had the same thing?

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    Maybe your doing more than you should(workout wise).

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    Quote Originally Posted by LT75 View Post
    Maybe your doing more than you should(workout wise).
    I agree. I've had shoulder issues with and without. However you must workout with caution. By that I mean more thorough warm up. For me I do my rotator cuff exercises before shoulder and chest day. Substituted dbell chest presses in liu of regular bench. Especially important if you have had a layoff for a bit like I did. You can work back up to it but you must be slower and wiser in your approach. This is my second week back after a shot in my shoulder. ( cortisone felles )

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