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    24 years old, no steroid use, low testosterone and doctor prescribed me Clomid.

    I'm 24 years old 230 pounds with 32% body fat and recently went to a urologist because of chronic fatigue and low energy. I've felt like this for the last 2 years. I don't have any problems getting erections or with my sex drive. I've put on 53 pounds in the last 2 years and have been eating like crap and not working out. I had an MRI done W/WO contrast of my pituitary gland and everything looked good the doctor said. I want to have kids so the doctor prescribed me Clomid 25mg a day for 3 months and then wants the blood work redone. I'm going to another urologist to get a 2nd opinion before I start taking the clomid. The first urologist doesn't know why my testosterone is low and told me to go to a endocrinologist. I just had my initial BW done with the below results:

    (thyroxine)T4 free direct-1.52
    Test free direct-7.9
    T3 uptake-35
    Vitamin B12-535
    Vitamin D-22.3

    Thanks for the help, Gabe

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    I'm 6 foot. No offense taken man. Before I started gaining the weight I stayed at 180 pounds.

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