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    donated blood - weird pain

    So I just donated for the 13th or so time. I've never had any issues, however this time when they stuck me, I felt a quick, sharp pain in my wrist. I didn't say anything cause it was gone as soon as it came. The blood donation went fine.

    Now, two days later and I randomly get that pain again in my wrist. It usually occurs when reaching or stretching for something. But not all the time. It's very random. Gripping things is not an issue either. At least not at first.

    Well, I worked my back today. No issues with any gripping until I got to rack deads. As soon as I started putting weight on, the pain started flaring up.

    The pain is almost like a burning, tingling sensation. My thought is maybe she hit a nerve or something upon injection? Tendon maybe? I don't know. Curious to hear what others think.

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    I would agree it sounds like a nerve. Weird though. They must have went through the vein maybe?

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