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    1st post and HCG question at the end...

    Hi. 38, 6', 210-215#,36"waste, roughly 30% BF

    Labs as of 4-18-14,with 2 weeks off TRT due to switching doctors, and also from Androgel 1.62% to Test Cyp 1ml/100mg, every week:

    These are from an Endo. She said she was basically doing labs that should've been done before by the urologist.
    Total Test-335.3(280-1100)
    LH 4.1(1.5-9.3)
    FSH 4.4(1.4-18.1)
    PSA .44(.01-4.00)
    Ferritin 473(26-388)

    Labs from the urologist on 2-1-14:
    TotalTest 151(300-1080)
    Free test 32(47-244)
    SHBG 21(11-80)
    Prolactin 6.7(2.1-17.7)

    And the original labs from my GP.
    TSH 2.913(.350-5.0)
    Total test 227(280-1100)
    She did a whole Comp Metabolic Panel,but all that looked good.

    The reason for the switch from 1.62 to T cyp, is I work in a boiler rm, and was worried about sweating profusely and also, transfer to the kids and wife worried me.

    I switched from the uro to the endo because, the uro wasn't concerned about why my Test is so low at my age. The endo is trying to figure it out. And she (urologist)had me take the labs at 3:30 in the afternoon, which I questioned, and she said it doesn't matter what time you draw.

    I've been on the T Cyp for 6wks now. All of these Dr.s don't prescribe HCG . My question is. If you order it over seas without the Dr's knowledge, will it show up on labs?

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    No, it won't show up on labs. If your T levels shot up way above what 100mg of Cyp a week would normally produce, they might wonder how your levels increased but they wouldn't know it was HCG . I would be careful and make sure you order from a reputable supplier, but if you can obtain it, do 250 IUs 2x a week SubQ,

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    How does one know if it's a reputable supplier? Since i inject .5ml/100mg T Cyp 2x/week, I'd probably drop it down to .4ml so there wasn't too big of a spike.

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    I wouldnt worry about it. I just wouldnt take it within 3 days of your bloodwork.

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