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    36 yo male from Florida. new to TRT first labs.

    Hey guys. I'm a 36yo male from Florida. I started trt 7 weeks ago. Initial labs bellow vs 6 week labs

    Not sure what levels you guys want to see.
    I take .5 ml test cyp 200mg once a week.
    500iu HCG on day 6 and 7 start last week on Monday.

    I have seen an awesome increase in sex drive and energy. Better results in the gym also. Will anything change when I get off the HCG? Also are there any supplements I can take to take full andvantage of TRT?


    Luteinizing hormone 3.4 (mintunit/ml)
    Prolactin 7.6 (2.6-13.1 ng/ml)
    Estradiol <20
    Test 73 (168-746 ng/DL)L
    TSH ultra sensitive 1.582 (.340-5.600 mcintunit/ml
    Sex hormone binding globulin 16 (20-50 nmol/l)
    Free test .14 (.95-4.30 ng/DL) L

    Estradol 64 (pg/ml)
    Test 523 (168-746 ng/DL)L
    Free test 1.85 (.95-4.30 ng/DL) L
    Red blood count 5.22 (4.30-5.90 million/MCL)
    White blood 7.0 (4.50-11.00 k/_MCL)
    Rdw 15.7 (11.5-14.5%)
    Hemoglobin 16.2 (13.5-17.5 g/DL)
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    Post the ranges for your blood work results. You will receive better, more informed responses with ranges included.

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