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Thread: Clomid and Adex

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    Clomid and Adex

    My doc just put me on clomid for my low test levels. He wanted to try this out first before looking into injections. He wants me on clomid for 9 months, which makes me leery since I've always heard long usage can be detrimental.

    Anyways, I have some Adex left over from my previous cycle. Is it bad to take clomid and Adex together to block my high E levels and allow the clomid to boost my natural test? I googled it and got all kinds of answers. I always seem to find a pretty solid answer here.

    Thanks guys!

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    I can tell you that from taking SERMS for the last 6 weeks, doing a PCT, and using an AI (arimidex ) for the first time throughout PCT made the biggest difference. I usually get retardedly emotional and so many sides, but the AI cut most of the sides down and quickly. People say you don't need an AI when you run SERMS but I do. Clomid pushes my Total T up to 1000 which is way above my normal level, and with it my estrogen elevates to the top or slightly above the range, and I feel the effects of high estro. I'd try it out!

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