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Thread: New Estrogen and Libido Study

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    New Estrogen and Libido Study

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    I fall in this category.
    3,753/16,955 (22.1%) were between 45 and 65 years

    I seem to always be fighting High E2, especially if I'm above normal T levels even using and AI. I'm still trying to find what works best for me and should be getting blood work done in the next week or two to see if it's high again due to elevated T levels (blast). I'm adding in some prami this time.

    This is also my case, Ive never had low libido so to speak but sensitive E2 over 300 more than once.
    "High estradiol levels were not associated with higher rates of low libido but established higher rates of documented low libido with those with normal or lower estradiol levels."

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    I'm in the same boat. Never as high as 300 but I was I the 90's. Never really had low libido but did have some other issues. Never had anything with gyno either. I was dialed in good but here lately I'm rethinking that maybe I wasn't as dialed in as good as I thought.

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    I would like to read the entire article to see the exact method of study used. From my own very brief experience with Ageless Men's Health clinic in NYC, I would say that the protocol for each clinic would have to be looked at very closely to see how reliable the data is.

    I was started at 100mg T Cyp/week and 0.5mg of Adex 2x week. It was an awful experience for me because, as I later learned, the Adex was tanking my E2 each time I dosed. I literally had to go to sleep after I took it. I just couldn't stay awake. My libido was nowhere. When I spoke to the PA who was treating me about my symptoms, she couldn't understand why I was having them! It was during this time that I joined this forum and began my real education.

    In short, when my E2 levels approach either the high end or low end of the range, my libido is profoundly effected. Low dose, daily injections of both T and hCG is making for a great improvement in both E2 control and libido.
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    I also fit into the 45-65 age group. I have also battled E2 but mostly due to the addition of HCG to the protocol, something I also learned here. Like 2sox my education really started when I found this forum. I've gone to subq more frequently and has helped control my E2. I have learned to feel the spot for my E2 with libido. Too high or low and my libido goes. I've been working on feel lately and not numbers per se. Numbers are a good guide but it's ultimately how you feel.

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