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    Testosterone Cypionate Dosage Question

    Hi all,

    I just this morning realized that every other week I have inadvertently been doubling my test cyp dosage from 100mg to 200mg a week. This is due to the fact that I pin my quads every other week with a shorter and higher gauge needle than what I use on my glutes, and I was misreading the needle. I have a vial of 1ml/200mg, and I am supposed to do 100mg (0.5ml) a week split into two 50mg doses (which I've done for three years or so now).

    However, I got these new needles about six months ago, and I was doing 0.5ml each time I pinned on my quad week, so it was 200mg one week, 100mg the next, 200mg the next week, 100mg the next, etc.

    Here is my question: I don't have bloodwork for another three months or so, but I'm curious if I just correct it now and go back to 100mg a week every week if any elevated estrogen levels, high RBC, etc., will over time even out and come back down? I've worked hard to get my blood levels up to par and I hate to think I may have accidentally jacked them up. I also don't want to go on arimidex as I cratered my E2 on that once and it was horrible.

    Thanks for the input.

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    I'd say just go back to your correct dose. You have everything to gain. The body has a wonderful way of putting things into balance. Address the other things if and when they come up.

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    Everything should be back to normal in 3 months.

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