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    Decreased Wound Healing

    37 years old.

    I am curious if anyone else has experienced decreased wound Healing?

    I'm not sure if it is TRT related or not. I've been on TRT since 2011.

    Wounds scab over, but it takes months for them to heal further.


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    Havent noticed this myself, only thing similar would be that my bouts with eczema on my hands seem worse since being on TRT. As for wounds, I'm always getting them in the gym or from cracked skin. Covering them early with a bandaid & applying Neosporin works well for me. As guys, I think we tend to ignore small cuts and scrapes which only inhibits the healing process...
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    I've noticed the EXACT OPPOSITE. When shaving my skin feels much stronger , I bleed less, and overall better skin with quicker heaing

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    Where are you wounds located?

    Wounds around the ankles not healing can be a sign of poor blood flow, heart not pumping as much blood? Maybe due to blood thickening caused maybe by trt?

    Total random Dr. House thought there...

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    I have noticed the exact same thing. Ha Ha, I thought it was only me. Stupid cuts & scratches seem to take forever to heal.

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    It's generally elevated serum estrogen that can impair/slow wound healing. Too little circulating E2 can slow inflammatory responses that facilitate wound repair and tissue remodeling. Too much can have the same effect.

    A few published studies suggest the same effects for 5alpha-dihydrotestosterone and testosterone as having deleterious effects on cutaneous wound healing.
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    Thanks guys!! Mostly on the arms. My E2 has been slightly high in the past. I tried taking DIM, but it totally tanked my libido.

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