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    Question Update: 7 months after clomid restart - couple questions

    Very brief history: 26 years old, had done steroids consistently (sadly) between ages 18 and 25, then finally decided it was time to come off so I saw an Endo before I moved away to school. She had me stop test (which I was doing subQ) and put me on Clomid, 12.5mg EOD. Did that for 2 months then moved and didn't get bloods done for a while. Then test moved from 411 to around 500, where it is hovering.

    Anyways, here I am several months later and my total test is hovering around 500 (range 240-950) and free of 17 (2 months ago was 15; range 15-30). Sadly I do not have base tests to know what my test was before aas.

    E2 looks good, at 20 (range 10-40)

    Hematocrit and hemoglobin are on the higher end but not out of range, and Im taking a baby asprin every day.

    -My primary doc says for my age (almost 27) I'm in a good range. We are testing again in 2 months.
    I feel like my test should be a bit higher. I feel okay, I am quite horny and my focus and anxiety have always been shitty (I have strong diagnosis of ADD)

    Question 1: Is it safe to eventually try an at-home clomid run at a low level without getting bloods done? Is there a chance that doing this would risk my levels crashing once I come off the clomid, or do you think they'd just return to around 500 (where they've been for quite some time)?

    Question 2: My doc said I can see an endo if I really want to, but he doesn't think the endo will have anything new to tell me. Should I see one, and if so, do I just ask for his opinion?

    Thank you
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    If you're feeling alright why bother chasing the numbers?

    Your free test is a bit low and while total test is at ok level, it indicates your SHBG could be high. If the assumption of mine regarding the SHBG is right, then probably clomid won't raise the free t, since it's tied to the SHBG. And when clomid stimulates HPTA axis it won't crash you, but from my point of view it could be that it won't improve the free t of yours either.

    I hope this helps. There's lots of experienced guys around here so you might get some other options as well.

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