Hi guys -

Well I have been on Clomid micro dose (about 6.25mg) for nearly 8 or 9 months now. The initial goal was to see if I could permanently kickstart natural production. I was down to about 264 when i went on it, and just 6mg took me to about 520. In the last 8 months I also have been doing 5mg DHEA sublingually. And for the last month or two, I've been doing a tiny dose of topical testosterone gel.

Honestly most of this was just hunting and pecking to see if I could get my levels where they need to be. On Clomid alone my Estrogen and DHT were flat dead. Adding testosterone gel pushed them up a bit too high. And seems to defeat the purpose of using Clomid in the first place.

Truthfully I don't know how to proceed. I started getting pain and inflammation in my salivary gland under my tongue which really concerned me, so I stopped the sublingual DHEA and it went away, only to return a couple weeks later. Now I have a growth under my tongue on that "bone" that juts out. Likewise, I don't think its smart to be on Clomid for 8 months, no matter how low the dose may be. I still get those hot flashes most evenings, so I know its "active" in me.

But I hoped so much to stimulate natural production. Maybe its not meant to be.

I stopped the androgel and DHEA a week or two ago. Figured I'd do just the Clomid and run some tests to see where I'm at. Felt like utter sh*t after a week or so. Definitely could tell I was tanking back to my old state of being. Then a bunch of other health problems started popping up that I wont go into. I've got a skin cancer biopsy scheduled for tomorrow, and this enflamed knob under my tongue isn't going away either. My doctor asked if I had suppressed my immune system recently...

Im afraid to join the club of guys just doing straight testosterone. I banked my sperm last summer, so I'm not worried about my ability to conceive so much. Mostly just really uneasy about shutting down my own natural production entirely. Seems like such a bad idea. But I've got to get off this Clomid. It can't be doing me any good at this stage.

If I go cold turkey on the clomid, im going to have to have a Plan B in place right away or my body will crash. I guess that plan B should be androgel ... ? I honestly hate this situation.