Hello. I've been fighting with acne issues more than 6 years. Now i'm 23 years old. I've been "training" since i was 17 years old. First time i tried steroids was summer 2014 and it was methandrostenol starting with 10mg , gyno issues went in right after the second day and switched to 5mg, added proviron and later on added nolvadex . I had 15mg at top for 7 weeks overall.

I had kind of gyno(not sure) many years before this experiment and acne as well. The things that I have tried and helped me are Isotretinoin (Roaccutane) for global treatment and Epiduo for local treatment. All other stuffs i tried over the years didn't really helped me at all.

Things i want to share and ask for opinion are:

- When i ran nolva and proviron and topped the methan (15mg) my acne and gyno went gone for that time.
- There are times when i'm almost 100% clear from acne and in few days it's all back. I've tried to exclude all kind of food over some period of time to see if it's bad reaction from food, but i don't think it's the case.
- I had surgery (septo and nanoplastic) and didn't eat well 5-7 days in this period. Acne and gyno went gone almost on 99%. When i added weight training + cardio, started to add more and more calories acne came back, can't say about the gyno.

My question is if it is good idea to check with doctor my hormone levels, what kind of doctor i have to see who would know what kind of treatment will be good for me given the problems i have. Can someone comment on my pics. I'm posting test results from last year and recent pics (1 month ago).

Thanks in advance for any posts.

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