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Thread: T Cream testing

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    T Cream testing

    hi all,

    Can T cream be detected in sports drug tests.

    What is it's half life.

    Will it increase T vs Epi T levels?

    Thanks in advance for your advice.

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    Are you using it thinking you will get gains from it???? It's worthless for doing a cycle, only good for low T and for most people it doesn't work very good at that.

    Really unless you have low T you should not even mess with the cream.

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    something tells me you are going to steal your old mans T cream and expect to make all kinds of gainz!
    all it will do is shrink your nuts and get you back to where you are now- and then give you a challenge of trying to regain your T levels when you 1. get caught by your old man or 2. you realise it doesnt work at that upper level.

    wait until your 40 before you go down this track.

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