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    Results back - What to do - Damn they're low

    Just did my 2nd visit with the ND for explanation of my results and what to do moving forward. Results were:

    Test 7.2 nmo/L range 8.4- 28.8 Free- 236 pmo/L range 170-630 Test bio- 5.5 nmo/L range 4.7-15 Sex hormone- 13.4 nmo/L range 10-70

    I have done steroids in the past almost 1 year ago. Prior to that 2 years ago.

    I went to the ND originally because of fatigue, low libido, and just mentally not feeling well.

    ND suggested to see if we could raise test naturally with a good multivitamin and zinc picolinate. My questions about this regiment is whether its naturally possible to get test levels mid or to the higher range? His other suggestion was trying clomid or hcg - it would raise levels but most likely go back to were they are. He's not opposed to me doing TRT, but I'm just wondering at 35 too young, even though I know i'd feel great.. Appreciate some input thanks!

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    What's a ND?

    What was your PCT?

    Although you should probably be taking a good multivitamin and zinc anyway, they most likely will not get your test levels to mid or higher range.








    Check the Finding a Physician sticky for a list of blood tests you'll want to get.

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