Hi guys,

Assuming estrogen is kept in check correctly with an AI, do any of you know the effects NPP and masteron will have on TRT bloodwork?

I'm going to keep my TRT dose of 165mg/week steady along with my HCG at 250iu 2 times per week.

Going to blast NPP at 450mg/week and Masteron at 600mg/week. Thinking I'll bump my Aromasin dose up around 12.5mg EOD to start. Running both these for 14 weeks.

I'm also prescribed Ipamorline and Mod GRF 1-29, so this cycle and stack should be super synergistic with a complete balance of androgenic compounds, anabolic compounds, and growth hormone secretagogues. I'm currently 12%BF with a goal to get down to 8%.

I'll be due for bloodwork right in the middle of this, so is the doc going to freak out? I imagine my free test will be higher and E2 lower due to masteron' effect on SHBG, and if I keep my E2 in range everything should be normal if I'm on a TRT dose, correct?

Also, NPP is milder than tren , right? Tren makes me short of breath and cramp very badly. It's a sure thing I will pull or tear a muscle on it. Can't run tren. I cycle 20km to and from work everyday along with heavy weights 5 days a week and I don't need either of those sides. Anybody have experience and have bloods taken with these compounds while on TRT?