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    Update: Clomid + Arimidex only regiment, also the reason for my low T

    Update: Clomid + Arimidex only regiment, also the reason for my low T

    My current state and why I have low T:
    It was identified by an MRI that have an "empty sella" condition. Search Wikipedia for details. This means that at some point either by injury or by natural growth/anatomical defect, my pituitary gland is being compressed or flattened. There is no fix for this either except by hormone treatment.
    This means that I have secondary hypogonadism where my lack of Testosterone is not due to the testes inability to produce testosterone.
    • A: 33 years old
    • H: 5'8"
    • W: 189lbs
    • BF: 15% - 20% (my diet is fairly clean with low to no sugar, I just eat 3,000 to 3,800 cal a day for the training I do.)

    Current regiment:

    • Clomid
    • Anastrozole (arimidex)
    • Armour Thyroid

    Additional supps:

    • Methlycobalmin B12, 1CC every week intra-muscular
    • Multi Vitamin
    • ZMA

    For about six months I was getting a full blood panel every month with my Urologist and we finally felt good to let me go 3 months before the latest checkup.

    My original starting numbers with no hormone treatments

    • PSA .9
    • TSH 3.6 (.5-4.7)
    • Test 201 (292-1052)
    • Free Test 7.0 (4.8-25)
    • Free T4 1.15
    • Sex Horm 24 (17-66)
    • Luteinizing Horm 3.5
    • WBC 4.4
    • RBC 5.04

    My mid treatment numbers
    Treatment with 50mg of Clomid every 3rd day, .5g Arimidex every 4th day, 1gr of Armour daily.

    • Test 805!!!!
    • Estradiol 76 (high but we are lowering the clomid and adding in Arimidex ) - I showed no symptoms except 2 occasions of night sweats
    • WBC 6.1
    • RBC 5.37

    Why 1gr of Armour?
    As my hormones increased so did my TSH, which was already in the upper range so to counter act that, we added in the Thyroid. Not that I was expressing any particular symptoms but we went to improve the numbers. Went with Armour as it affects T3 and T4 and is a more natural med than Synthroid .

    My current numbers with an update in treatment.
    Treatment the past 30 days. 50mg of Clomid every 2 days, .5g of Arimidex every 4th day, 1gr of Armour daily.

    • Estradiol 38
    • PSA .6
    • TSH 2.7 (.5 - 4.7)
    • Free T4 1.14
    • Test 996 (300 - 1080)
    • Free Test 24.9 (4.8 - 25.7)
    • Sex horm 31 (16.5 - 55.9)
    • WBC 5.8
    • RBC 5.65

    Next up:
    Going to dial back the Clomid a bit and take a small break from the Arimidex for a week and try 8 days (.5g every 4th day) on 8 days off.
    Going to fill my prescription for Cialis and see how that does for the low libido. Which in retrospect has been almost a life long thing, but thought that was all kind of normal. Ya know, some people are built different is all.
    Keep up on the B12, not a huge noticeable difference except for when I double up on it a day before I compete for some additional energy.
    The doc and I discussed Test only treatment but this is working well enough we are just going to keep this up.
    At one point we will do a slow down to see if this jump started anything natural but beyond that, my body is producing the Test, just forced to do so.

    I feel great! I recover better, my training has progressed immensely. Though never thought I would be on pills for life but in comparison I have been taking supplements for a long time so its not really any different.

    Interested in hearing others thoughts, about supplements to add, things to remove, etc.
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