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    how long after blasting does blood work return to normal?

    I will be doing my first blast after having been on TRT for years. After the blast, I will return to normal TRT dose and be going to the doctor approximately 2 months after to get my blood drawn and labwork. Will my levels have returned to normal by then? (not just test, all the other values listed). I will be doing 600 mg of test / week.
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    2 months is plenty of time, assuming you're blasting with a typical test Esther of either enant or cyp. I usually wait 5-6 weeks and all is well. The only value that may not return on its own is hematocrit. Blasting will drive that up and it is a good idea to donate blood after a blast. I don't advocate arbitrarily donating blood on a regular schedule because it can lead to anemia, but doing it before and after a blast is a good practice.

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