Finally! My "Thorough" Pre-TRT Lab Results. Plz Advise-bw.jpg
Finally! My "Thorough" Pre-TRT Lab Results. Plz Advise-urine-test.png


Testosterone , total
216 (286 - 802) ng/dL

Testosterone, free
34.17 (34.51 - 107.78) pg/mL

Testosterone, bioavailable
138 (138 - 430) ng/dL

16.0 (14.5 - 48.4) nmol/L

E2 (Estrogen)
32.6 (7.6 - 43.0) pg/mL

4.0 (1.7 - 8.6) mIU/mL

3.5 (1.5 - 12.4) mIU/mL

16.7 (3.46 - 19.4) ng/mL

Cortisol (AM) (had sex a little less than 48 hours prior to testing)
8.30 (3.7 - 19.4) ug/dL

160.3 (150 - 350) ng/mL

Thyroid Panel

4.54 (0.27 - 4.20) uIU/mL

T3, free
3.6 (2.0 - 4.4) pg/mL

T4, free
1.24 (0.93 - 1.70) ng/dL

Lipid panel

216.1 mg/dL

Desirable: <200
Borderline: 200 - 239
High risk: >240

32.7 mg/dL

Low: <130
High: >60

139.5 (<130) mg/dL

27.90 (<40.0) mg/dL

Tg (Triglyceride)
219.5 (<200) mg/dL


HB (Hemoglobin)
12.5 (14 - 18) g/dL

45.1 (42 - 50) %

4.79 (4.5 - 6.2) x10*6/uL

5.60 (5.0 - 10.0) x10*3/uL

WBC & diff / Lymphocyte
40.6 (20 - 40) %

26.0 (27 - 31) pg

29.5 (32 - 36) g/dL

94.2 (80 - 95) fL

10.1 (2 - 20) %

Platelet count
250.0 (150 - 400) x10_3/uL

(up to 10) mm/hr

Clotting time
(2 - 6) mins

Bleeding time
(1 - 6) mins



Glucose (fasting)
98 (65 - 99) mg/dL

8.60 (8.40 - 10.2) mg/dL


82.0 (40 - 130) U/L

40.2 (Up to 41) U/L

24.9 (Up to 40) U/L

Bilirubin, total
0.80 (up to 1.1) mg/dL

Bilirubin, direct
0.20 (up to 0.25) mg/dL

Bilirubin, indirect
0.60 (0.1 - 0.75) mg/dL


Urea Nitrogen (BUN)
43.5 (<50) mg/dL

0.862 (<1.1) mg/dL


4.60 (3.60 - 5.5) mmol/L

141.0 (135.0 - 152.0) mmol/L

99.0 (98.0 - 110.0) mmol/L


4.40 (3.6 - 4.6) g/dL

Protein, total
7.30 (6.4 - 8.3) g/dL


Why I'm here:

1) Interested in starting TRT due to very low testosterone . Looking for advice.

2) Concern about my thyroid. I'm "subclinical" hypothyroidism, according to the lab results. Which basically means I have hypothyroidism, since the lab rages are too high.

My concern is if it will cause problems later on if I start normal TRT protocol without doing anything about my thyroid issue (is it an issue?)...or will TRT fix the thyroid issue?


Age: 33
Height: 6'5
Weight: 264 lb
Body fat: %27
Waist: 44"

What got me to suspect low testosterone: (before getting blood work done)

- Difficulty / inability to gain muscle.
- Easily gain fat.
- Almost all gained fat goes straight to hips, buttocks and thighs.
- Almost %100 of IMS symptoms.
- Loss of libido
- Jewels shrinkage


Past 3 years...don't drink. Don't smoke.
Before that...smoked for 17 years. Drank for about 14 years or so but just during weekends and socially.


Used to be 6 meals a day, well thought out, strict, daily diet plans for most of my life until about 4 years ago when I started eating like the average American.

About %60 of my food is now fried. Every meal has white carbs. Drinking fruit juice all day.

Past sample diet plan:

Finally! My &quot;Thorough&quot; Pre-TRT Lab Results. Plz Advise-dp.png

Above is something I strictly followed for at least 10 years. Switched macros up every couple of months or so.


Now, zero.
4 years ago...a well though out, strict weight lifting regiment for 17 years.

Bodybuilding was my passion so I made sure I did everything correctly. I knew the harms of over training so I was sure not to over train.

A little history:

I started bodybuilding at 13. Seriously when I was 15. So as far as I can remember, I'd been bodybuilding my entire life.

For 15 years, I religiously followed a bodybuilding and nutrition regiment. I knew so much about the two, I honestly felt almost all trainers, bodybuilders and nutritionists were idiots.

But unfortunately, no matter how much effort and dedication I put never really paid off. People that barely knew anything about bodybuilding, almost zilch about nutrition and were half assing their workouts, were making gains in less than a year what took me 15 years. And I'm not talking about your genetic freaks. I'm talking about your average Joe.

With clothes on, people couldn't even tell I worked out. What's more frustrating was when I told people about that, they said "you must be doing something wrong" "you gotta change your diet" "change your training" "you have to hit your muscles slower, faster"...etc. And all I could think was "Really dude? You really think in 15 years I haven't tried every single variable? You think the reason I haven't packed on slabs of muscle is because I didn't go slower on the weights or that I didn't eat an extra spoon of peanut butter?"

About 12 years into bodybuilding natty, I decided to start cycling. Unfortunately, I never done blood work beforehand.

I made nice gains, nothing spectacular, just satisfactory. But for the first time in my life, people were coming at me with "wow!" while checking out my physique. The compliments meant that results weren't bad at all.

Cycle ended. Ran PCT. Went back to my natty regiment.
Unfortunately, I lost most of the gains I'd made in about 6 months even though I tried all I could to maintain and add to the gains.

2 years after my first cycle, I started another one. 6 months after ending it, like the first time, I was left with nothing to brag about.

Typical stats off-cycle:

Weight: 214 lb
Body fat: %16

1st cycle:

Week 1 - 4: D bol 35mg ED
Week 1 - 12: Test E 500mg EW (250mg x 2)

PCT (1st cycle):

HCG 1000 IU ED for 10 days, 4 days after last pin of Test E, then...

Nolvadex :

2nd cycle:

Week 1-2: Anadrol 50mg ED
Week 3-4: Anadrol 100mg ED
Week 1-12: Deca 500mg EW
Week 1-15: Test C 600mg EW
Week 1-16: Eq 600mg EW

PCT (2nd cycle):

HCG 1000 IU ED for 10 days, 4 days after last pin of Test E, then...

Nolvadex: 20/20/20/10/10
Clomid: 50/50/50/25/25

About a year after my 2nd cycle, I moved, started traveling a lot, hence I wasn't able to maintain my bodybuilding and nutrition regiment. I stopped going to the gym. And since I wasn't working out, I felt dieting and 6 healthy meals a day was useless. So for the first time in my life (well, sorta), I started eating junk food. Plan was to get back on track soon as I settled down.

Settling down didn't come till 3 months later. But by then, I'd already broken my habit. I was too lazy and too demotivated to get back to my healthy lifestyle.

4 years later, today, I'm yet to get back to working out and eating healthy. I've been leading a pretty sedentary lifestyle and my diet consists of a lot of fried food and white carbs. Needless to say, 15 years of gains went down the drain. I now stand at the above stats. Used to hover at around %15-18 body fat.

So now I'm looking into TRT and getting back on track with training and nutrition. I'm hoping TRT will enable me to see gains that I should have seen at the gym a long time ago. As well as fix all the other issues in "what got me to suspect low testosterone"

As you can see from the lab results, my testosterone is too low. Cause is something I'm yet to determine. I'm hoping you guys can chime in. Judging by the difficulty in gaining muscle, I really think I've always had below average testosterone levels , but then I can't be sure since I'd never done blood test until now.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post and for any point in the right direction!