I have consecutively had very low test results. I am seeing a Dr in Mexico because I want to be sure before I go to a Dr in US.
I am 49 yo and i believe that i was low on test prior to ever cycling but i never had blood tests. I now do them frequently. My total test was ok, but my free test was 3 and the range was 1-28. The Dr said that i should try and bring it up to about 15. My T3 was also low.
He prescribed sustanol and DHEA. I questioned the DHEA and it causing an increase in estrogen and he said that that would keep the estrogen in check. I also asked about hCG and he said that i did not need it because the DHEA will cover that. I also informed him that i was going to cycle soon. He also stated that bringing up my test should also bring up my T3 hormone.
Can anyone offer some insight? I am doubtful of what this Dr. Is telling me based on my readings, but i never really paid attention to TRT. Should i take hCG while running a bulking cycle?