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    Low testosterone

    Hi I'm new to all this and have been doing alot of research but kinda gave up for awhile but im tired of feeling like crap! I'll start by saying im a im 30 and over weight. I started eating better and going to the gym for a year straight mainly doing weight training. I have a difficult time doing cardio due to a disease that effects my nerves in my legs and feet called Charcot marie tooth. Well I've always had a hard time loosing weight and even after a year I saw my strength go up a bit but never really saw a difference in appearance. For some time now I've suffered from depression, Low libetio, I can got weeks with out the need of any pleasure. Also lack of motivation and drive, and tired. Well figured Id have my testostrone levels checked during a physical I had. I have forget the exact number (I'll get the Monday) but my levels were below the low range but not by much. I've had it checked 3 time and all were close to the same number and all below normal. So my doc sent me to a endo, and the endo sent me to get a mri of my brain and all came back fine. But he said because he can't find what is causing the low test he doesn't want to put me on trt at my age. He suggested that I may try anti depressants instead but I don't want to I honestly don't think they will do any thing. So in short im lost don't know what to do and really want to get healthier loose these manboobs and live a normal life again. I've even considered self medicating and just seeing if it makes me feel better. But Id rather do it legally.

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    Post up your results. Visit the nutrition section for diet advice. My opinion, cut the carbs.

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