I was caught by surprise by my testosterone clinic doctor and had to have blood tests done.
I don't know how it's measured but my test should be between 17-29 according to the lab report.
The thing is because he surprised me, I had started a cycle and in the two weeks prior to my blood work
I had injected 3◊250 mg sustanon , 3◊100 mg n.p.p and was also taking 20mg of dianabol daily.
My testosterone level is normally around 20 while I'm just taking my replacement test (120mg daily oral capsule)
Before starting therapy I was at 8
The other day I was at 50.8, almost double the high end spec.
I was wondering if anyone knows how long it will take for my testosterone levels to come down taking into account the long acting properties of sustanon, also how much would the n.p.p increase my red blood cells and for how long considering I stopped my cycle the day I got the test result because he wants to re do them