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    Blood Work Results

    I am 48 5'10 with 20% body fat and 202 lbs (down from 308)

    These results are fasting for 12 hours and were taken at 9am. My syringes are 1ml/100 units insulin syringes taken sub. Protocol is Test C is from (250mg/ml) 100/week split 50 Mon/50 Thurs, (it has been 1.5 in the syringe each time) (1.5 Liquid Arim 1mg/ml using .2ml EOD same syringe size taken orally.

    Not sure how to properly post all these results so just gonna post them all (sorry if too much info)

    Testosterone 686 (300-890 NG/DL)
    SHBG 51 (16.5-55.9 NMOL/L)
    Calc Free Test 11.4 (4.8-25.7 NG/DL)

    CBC results
    WBC 6.1 (4.0-11.0 K/UL)
    RBC 4.97 (4.10-5.70 M/UL)
    HEMOGLOBIN 16.0 (13.0-17.0 G/DL)
    HEMATOCRIT 44.8 (37.0-49.0 %)
    MCV 90.1 (80.0-100 fl)
    MCH 32.2 (27.0-34.0 PG)
    MCHC 35.7 (32.0-35.5 G/DL) H
    NEUTROPHILS 72 (40-74%)
    LYMPHOCYTES 17 (19-48%) L
    MONOCYTES 7 (4-13%)
    EOSINOPHILS 3 (0-7%)
    BASOPHILS 1 (0-2%)
    PLATELET COUNT 182 (130-400 K/UL)
    RDW 13.6 (11.0-15.0%)

    Spec Gravity 1.023 (1.005-1.035)
    ph 5.0 (5.0-9.0)

    PSA, Total
    0.3 (<4.0 NG/ML)

    Hemoglobin A1c 5.2 (4.05.6%)
    TSH 1.5 (0.5-4.7 UIU/ML)
    Vitamin D , 25 OH was 18 (see below NG/ML) L I was given 1 50,000 strength pill 2x a week?

    Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
    Glucose 98 (65-100 MG/DL)
    eGFR NON-African Amer. 106 (>60 ML/MIN1.73)
    ALBUMIN 4.1 (2.9-5.0 G/DL)
    Alkaline Phosphatase 30 (30-132 U/L)
    Carbon Dioxide 23 (18-30 MEQ/L)
    Bilirubin, Total 0.7 (0.1-1.3 MG/DL
    Bun 20 (8-25 MG/DL)
    Calcium 8.5 (8.5-10.5 MG/DL)
    Creatinine 0.80 (0.80-1.40 MG/DL)
    Chloride 106 (97-110 MEQ/L)
    SGOT (AST) 16 (5-35 U/L)
    SGPT (alt) 25 (7-56)
    Potassium 4.0 (3.5-5.3 MEQ/L)
    Protein, Total 6.1 (6.0-8.4 G/DL)
    Sodium 140 (133-146 MEQ/L)
    Calc A/G Ratio 2.1 (0.9-2.5 ratio)
    Calc BUN/Creat 25 (6-28 ratio)
    Calc globulin 2.0 (2.0-3.8 G/DL)

    Lipid Panel
    Cholesterol 235 (<200 MG/DL) H
    Triglycerides 90 (<150 MD/DL)
    HDL Cholesterol 53 (>39 MG/DL)

    Calc LDL Chol 164 (<100 MG/DL) H
    Risk Ratio LDL/HDL 3.09 (<3.55 ratio)

    My diet has been crap to say the least and abrupt changes are being implemented. The nurse practicioner who gave me the results since my dr only works 1 day a week says you look fine except for your bad cholesterol is a little high and nothing else. Any and all help is and will be MUCH appreciated.

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    I was in a bad car wreck many years ago and told I had low t and was given A-gel with tons of pain pills as well which I couldn't afford any of after my job loss. So cold turkey and severe depression and problem were quite bad for 1yr+

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    What's the question?? Did I miss it??
    How are you feeling now?

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    That bloodwork was the day after my injection.
    I feel great for the 1st 24 hours after my shot and terrible the next 2 days with all the symptoms of low/high uncontrolled estrogen. Feel like I am on a rollercoaster so most of the time I feel most of what I have read in Austinite's article about uncontrolled estrogen.

    I was prescribed testim 1.0 that my ins wont pay for without 2 consecutive results under 280. 2 doctors have told me to just stop cold turkey for 2 months and "we will see where we are then" Neither doc will order a E2 sensitive array stating it's not necessary. I was originally given a-gel over 12 years ago so I have been on trt for quite a while. I just did 10 days cold turkey and the side effects/withdrawals were quite severe. I can't just stop for 2 months.

    I can't find a good doc since I have self medicated for the last year due to no ins.

    How can I stabilize myself and get off this roller coaster?

    How can I get my estrogen under control since they wont order the test and say my ins will refuse regular Test/E2 monitoring?

    How do my result above look?
    I think I have a drastic estrogen problem either too high or too low.
    Does the E2 test need to be performed once a week? Before or after my injections to get an idea of what/if my levels are drastically changing like I feel they are?

    And I just received my first shipment of hcg . Should I start it without knowing my estrogen levels?

    Sorry for all the questions. I know this is a long post so I tried to break it up hoping maybe kelkel and others would have advice for me. Thanks everyone in advance.

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    Get E sensitive checked. Can't tell you how to get your Dr to test it for you, just ask him. You probably need an ai, but who knows.
    Don't add more drugs to your stack without proper blood work first.

    By the way,and this isn't necessarily aimed at the OP, but I'm seeing a lot of guys saying they can't afford tests or the drugs required. If you buy coffee, smoke or gamble, you can afford it. Prioritise your health fellas..

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    Very well could be estrogen dominance making you feel bad. The injected test is peaking in 24 hrs or so and E2 will be following it up as well. Your doc won't order any E2 testing? That's ridiculous. Check our Discounted Labs dot com or private md labs dot com and see if your state allows self testing. If so, jump on it. I believe right now discounted is the cheapest for E2 Sens at around $40. A normal Labcorp price billed to insurance is over $200.

    You stabilize yourself by blood work followed by appropriate titrations in dosing, or additions / deletions of meds. BTW, congrats on the weight loss so far and know that as you continue to lose BF you will have less T to E turnover. So, better T levels and less E issues. Win-Win.

    E2 testing is not necessary weekly. Arguably a month after a dosing change would suffice and repeat if needed. If paying out of pocket I'd wait a bit longer for a secondary test. When you test is up to you. Thing is to be consistent so you can properly analyze results. Unless you are very well steeped in hormone knowledge it's easier this way. Most guys will test the morning of an injection day, but before the injection. Remember, on a twice a week protocol you really don't have much of a trough level.

    Overall your BW is not that bad. If you're paying out of pocket for the D2 (Drisdol) it would probably be more cost effective to just buy D3 @ 5K Iu's and dose accordingly with it. Always take it with a meal as it's fat soluble. Continue to test it periodically as well as over-elevated levels for to long can be toxic. Getting this to a good level will also help suppress your shbg which in turn will allow more free T. SHBG rises with age and it will also follow estrogen.

    Yes, you need to work on your cholesterol but it's no where near as bad as many guys. Just divide your Triglycerides by your HDL and if less than 2 (and yours is) then your risk is low for heart attacks, etc. Good news right? Too many guys get blown away by their total chol level. I do not mean to ignore it though. It's just nice to hear good stuff too!

    Re HCG . Before you start HCG you need to figure out your path forward and be consistent. I'm a big proponent of HCG but know that it can / will elevate estrogen as well as testosterone . That said, straighten your E2 issue out first, see how you feel and reassess.

    Hope it helps.
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