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    Hopefully someone can help me out...

    So here is the deal..
    Age: 30
    Weight 235
    Height 6í2
    somewhere between 17-20

    Iíve been on a blast and cruise for a while now around 500mg weekly. Iíve noticed my libido dropping, iím graying pretty fast, and also starting to go bald. I had labs done a while back when I got all screwed up and never fully recovered. Yes, iím going to hear a bunch of mixed responses. Iím going to get labs done again this week. I need someone that can look at my labs and give me their honest opinion on what I should do from here on out. If it means I start PCT and come off for a while no biggie. I have HCG , Clomid, Nova, and adex on hand.
    About a year ago my hormones were all messed up. I let some guy talk me into trying MT5 and i havenít been right since. I came off gear for about 5-6 months had labs done. Everything returned back to normal, I thought so I started with just a test only cycle to see how Iíd respond again. I did fine for about 6-8 until I started crashing like I did before when I was running test, MT5, T-bol.

    What Iím asking for is who knows somebody that I can send some labs to and hopefully find out whatís going on, so I can get back on my grind. Iím going this week and should have some new labs by hopefully Friday or next Monday.


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    just black out your personally identifiable info and post them to the board. guys do it around here all the time. i did.

    also, you don't use HCG while you're not on cycle right. HCG is only for on cycle.

    you didn't mention your AIs, or i'm just being lazy and not fully understanding your post. you take an AI while on cycle, right? i also see that your BF is very high. reduced body fat decreases estrogen in the body.

    ideally a cycle should go like this: (not all disorganized though. i'm tired)

    diet is good/disciplined with a goal,
    pre cycle blood tests get done. full male health check option paid for. results in hand. everything looks good. move on.
    have AAS, have anti estrogens like aromasin . if gyno prone have one can use Nolvadex on cycle, raloxifene (strongest anti gyno) if using 19 nors and gyno prone have prolactin control, cabergoline, or pramipexole.
    have HCG to take care of your balls on cycle. careful with dosing
    have PCT shit = clomid + nolvadex. -maybe more Ralox + possibly HGH, or TB 500 if you can afford it
    i'm going to have bloods done around january and my PCT starts in 2 weeks. time on+PCT time = time off if you aren't blasting and cruising.
    if bloods look good cycle again of course!

    i may have forgotten some stuff

    you need to get that diet on lock. there is not point in being strong if nobody can see that. fat is fat. sorry. 17% isn't terrible, but anything above 19% is considered obese where i'm from.
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