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    muscle gain and injection frequency

    i am on a weekly injection protocol of 180 mg/week. i have no sides and my bloods have been good. my total t was in the 600s on the 6th day but my free t was above the upper range so im happy with that. i have not been feeling any sides but my e2 was towards the top of the range. i am thinking about doing a monday morning and thursday evening protocl of 90 mg each shot. will this give better muscle gains?? i feel great on the weekly but will change if it will help with performance and lower e2 and stuff.

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    Yes, split the dose and take it bi-weekly. Use blood work to determine e2 levels. If they are in range, your fine. If not in range, add an ai (anastrozole) at a low dosage, perhaps .25 2xweek.

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