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    I think I have symptoms of low testosterone, should I try HCG and Nolva restart?

    I have experienced symptoms of low t for some years now. Iím a 31-year-old male, have done some cycles of aas in my twenties. I feel fatigued, low motivation, loss of sensation in penis, unsatisfying orgasms, difficult to burn fat. I donít have erection problems, but I can go weeks without morning erections. I still have some sex drive but not like I had before these problems. I feel the worst problem is the weak orgasm, that gets me real depressed. Is the intensity of the orgasm linked to test levels? My total testosterone level is 14.6 nmol/l (420 ng/dl) that is normal for men in their 60-70s. I have never done an PCT before, and Iím considering doing a round of Hcg and Nolva- power-pct to kickstart my test production. But Iím really scared to take any SERM, Iíve read that Nolvadex and other SERMS can cause hearing loss and tinnitus. I have tinnitus on both ears that is really bad now, and I canít handle it becoming worse. I just had an abdominal/pelvic ct-scan to rule out other things, nothing wrong was found. I have the Hcg and nolva on hand and I can start right away, but this hearing loss and tinnitus side effects scare the hell out of me. Has any of you heard or experienced these side effects with nolva, is nolva safe to take? When I researched online I found that tinnitus side effects occurred in women using nolva for breast cancer. Also read that you canít compare SERM side effect in men and women because of the different hormone levels and physiology? But I also found one guy who got tinnitus from it on one of the bodybuilding forums. I donít know what to do and appreciate advice from you guys.

    My hormone levels:

    Estradiol 0.14 nmol/l (0,00-0,20)
    FSH 3.0 IU/l (0,7-11,1)
    LH 5.2 IU/l (0,8-7,6)
    Testosterone 14.6 nmol/l (5,5-25,2)
    SHBG 26 nmol/l (10-57)
    Free androgen index 56.2 percent (17,5-78,8)
    Albumin 45 g/l (36-48)

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    Did you run the labs to check your levels within 2 hours of waking?

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    Had the blood work done 1 hour after I woke up

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    My problem is similar to yours, although I never took gear.

    I'm discussing with other bros two ideas/experiments:

    1) T Supplementation instead of replacement
    thread 589221-testosterone -supplementation-instead-replacement-experiment.html

    2) Clomid low dose to restart natural production and avoid the known side effects
    thread 589137-clomid-alone-hormone-boost.html

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