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Thread: Insurance is jerking me around

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    Insurance is jerking me around

    Finally think I've got my doctor pretty much on board. I've been with them about a year now, i don't think he likes it but he's not really giving me any trouble (for now) .

    But now, my company has decided to change insurance plans. Across the board it looked like an even change. Hell, my bp medicine is free now. Yay!

    So i went to fill my first test script since then change. Insurance denied it, said they need a pre- authorization.

    Pharmacy sent to Dr, Dr sent to insurance.

    Insurance said they needed blood work. Doctor sent it.

    I'm afraid they're going to deny it. My blood work has me at 380 (250-1100).

    As we know, 380 is shit for a 28 year old (my age when i started)

    But they're claiming its "in range"

    If they force me off to take a new blood test, how long will ineed to be off before my levels crash?

    My pharmacy won't accept goodrx, I've already tried that avenue

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    BP medicine? Testosterone will increase your BP even more. And you are considering Cypinate oil base I'm assuming. Majority of insurance companies rather you try other forms of treatment before moving to the expensive brands. At least that was the case for me. To be honest try Clomid first as a mono-therapy.

    To answer your question I was approved with TT at 86 but over a 6 month span went up to 161. That is more than enough for insurance companies. You are in range my bet is you will be denied, but who knows.
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    If u want it have him write ur script and pay out of pocket w the good rx coupon at walgreens and other places, easier than using insurance and sometimes cheaper tbh

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    I've been on trt for 3 years. I'm simply switching insurance companies. I thought iexplained that in the op well enough. .

    My local Walgreens will not accept good rx for testosterone . I tried. (Also mentioned in the op)

    However i did contact a cvs today. They said they do accept good rx even for test. Its a few miles out of the way, and it's more expensive then my previous insurance. . But its better then full price.
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    Yeah, 380 is tough to get insurance to pay. So...wait a few months, test again...but drink 2 20oz Cokes 2 hours before the test...drink some more an hour before...worked for me.

    Mega Testosterone Drop

    "So, how bad is sugar? We now know, thanks to researchers from the eminent Massachusetts General Hospital, along with Swiss colleagues.1 After an overnight fast, 74 men (aged 19 through 74) were given an oral glucose tolerance test consisting of 75 grams of glucose in a rapidly consumed drink. Blood samples were taken immediately before drinking the solution, as well as every 30 minutes for the next two hours— glucose, insulin , testosterone (total and free), SHBG (sex hormone-binding globulin) and leptin were measured. Roughly half of the subjects were normal weight to overweight, while the other half were obese; most had normal glucose tolerance (57%), 30 percent had impaired glucose tolerance; 13 percent were newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes when being screened for the study; eight had low testosterone (less than 280 ng/dL— a very conservative cutoff).

    After consuming the sugary drink, total and free testosterone dropped in subjects significantly; the binding protein, SHBG, was unchanged. Interestingly, the pituitary hormone LH, which should have increased in reaction to the dropping testosterone values, was unchanged. The drop in testosterone was severe enough to plunge 10 of the men with normal starting testosterone measures into the hypogonadal range. The greatest drop in testosterone appeared between 60 and 120 minutes after the drink, lowering testosterone by an average of nearly 25 percent (a 47% decrease in the most affected subject!) from the first measure. This is consistent with the findings of the three prior, smaller studies looking at the effect of sugar intake on circulating (blood) testosterone concentration."

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