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Thread: How has trt effected your hair loss

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    How has trt effected your hair loss

    Thinking about going on trt. My biggest fear is:
    Hair loss (majority if men in my family have a fukl
    Head of hair, including my dad. And uncle on my moms side. Also my grandpa on my dads side had a full head. However my grandpa on my on my mom's side was slightly receeding. For dudes on trt, how has it effected your hair?

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    Not much if any for me, I notice some hair falling out. But I'm 30 and don't really have any male pattern baldness in my family among the males. Nobody really goes bald in my family, I'm worried if I up the dose and start b/c my hair might start falling out but to be honest it isn't an issue for me, its just hair. The TRT changed my life and set me on a new path, without TRT I probably would have still been living in my hole and stuck in that place some like to call ptsd
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    Yeah, mine is going slowly but surely. My brothers all have less than me without the TRT excuse so it was only really a matter of time. Trying to arrest the loss with propecia.

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    ill take feeling better on the inside over a full head of hair any day.

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    Haven't noticed anything yet but my dad still has a full head of hair and he is 90.

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    Yes, didn't take long before it stripped my head of hair

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    I'm 62, had been on TRT 100 mg/wk since March 2017 and no appreciable hair loss; 'couple weeks ago, based upon the fantastic results I'd been seeing, I went off my dr's plan and went rogue. Now I'm injecting 500 mg/week.

    Still no change in hair quality and quantity.

    I understood from the get-go, that if i was subject to male pattern baldness, that the T would accelerate the hair loss, and to me, it was a question of (hopefully) feeling better or risk accelerating what was going to happen anyway.

    I chose to feel better and WOW do I ever.

    Since I've become so much more fit and defined, I've even added deca -durabolin and dianabol .

    For the first time in 30 years, to literally have women (and I mean all ages including some cuties who wanted to party) staring at me as I ran by them on my 3-mile beach jog, was a feeling that was worth any current or future hair loss.

    And I feel amazing again!
    Good luck - hope you GO FOR IT!!!
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