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    How do you feel mentally when your T is high and e2 in range

    Personally, its the only time i feel like i have full control of my mentality. Optimistic. High self esteem. No worry, stay calm under pressure. More cognitive, strategic and ambitious. Makes me wonder of all these rampant cases of mental illness are connected due to hormone imbalances

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    There is a possibility hormones have more of an effect on mental health than we know, but I think it's more of a combination of hormones and brain chemical imbalances together rather than just hormones.

    Some people's hormones can be off and they can realize it and adjust it, but if you have a brain chemical imbalance it's harder to self realize it's just your hormones and not Depression, Anxiety, etc.. and think logically to make the hormonal corrections.

    I do feel more level headed and positive when my E2 is balanced.

    I've been on TRT for about 5 years. The first 2 to 3 years I didn't really realize the effects that Estrogen can have on you mentally and physically.

    I journal how my health is on a semi-monthly basis, it helps to look back and see what worked and what didn't.

    I'm more aware now of how E2 can effect Mood, Outlook, Libido, and I take my E2 levels more serious.

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    How high T?

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