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    Hi Everyone!

    Have been following this site for a while. Training for 5 plus years and have lost a lot of mass in last 3-4 years. Had some surgeries and have low t. Have done all I can to get it up from 150s and it now hovers around 300. Meeting with trt clinic in a few weeks!

    Diagnosed with hypogonadism from urologist.

    I'm 25, 170lbs, around 10-12% fat.

    Looking forward to getting rid of symptoms and adding old mass back!

    BW as of 10/4/17 at 7:30 am via True Health Diagnostics

    Dehydroepiandrostersone: 494
    Estradiol (pg/ml): 13.2
    LH (mIU/ml): 7.6
    TSH: 1.81
    T4: 7.5
    T3 free (pg/ml): 3.7
    Reverse T3 (ng/dl): 11
    Progesterone (ng/ml): .21
    SHBG (nmol/L): 335
    Testosterone (ng/dl): 335
    Free T (ng/dl): 8.52
    DHT (ng/dl): 17
    Insulin -like Growth Factor 1 (ng/ml): 304
    Prolactin (ng/ml): 11.58


    I have been started on 250IU HCG daily and 150mg Test Cyp 1x a week. No AI at this time due to Estradiol being so low as is. Have been told to request if I notice sides. It was also determined that my low t is hereditary. There are several men in my family with low t and I did not know until recently. Tough luck I suppose. My old weight 5 years ago was about 205 around 12% fat. My body followed similarly to others in family and I lost a lot of that mass over my early 20s.

    Day after 1st shot I felt a little more energetic. Around day 5 I was starting to crash. Took another shot on day 6 and plan on using every Sunday until I find out where I start to crash. Then I may start taking 2x weekly. Have already noticed huge increases in sex drive, energy and have been crushing workouts. Will be interesting to see if I need to increase dose and when I need to add an AI.

    I had switched from a split to full body 3x weekly. As of today I have gone back to an old workout style and diet I used to make newbie gains. I am actually doing a workout similar to the Whalberg workout for "Pain and Gain." It is oddly similar to what I did in high school and first part of college. Plan on doing a high volume upper lower split with one full body workout a week, and cardio 30 minutes daily after workouts. Goal is to gain about 15lbs between now and end of December. Then I will go ahead and cut back to about 175lbs over 2-3 months using a split routine and cardio. I used this routine earlier this year to cut 35lbs and I did retain muscle mass. I usually respond better grouping a lot of parts together and high volume for mass though.

    Excited to actually add good mass back. Have kept a good diet and weigh everything and was only gaining fat with really hard workouts at 4-5 days per week.

    Monday & Friday - Chest, arms, abs

    Flat Bench Press 4 8-12 0 secs
    Dumbbell Chest Flys 4 8-12 45 secs Superset #1
    Incline Bench Press 4 8-12 0 secs
    Front Shoulder Raises 4 8-12 45 secs Superset #2
    Decline Bench Press 4 8-12 0 secs
    Side Shoulder Raises 4 8-12 45 secs Superset #3
    Shoulder Military Press 4 8-12 0 secs Seated
    Standing Shoulder Press 4 8-12 45 secs Alternating Superset #4
    Parallel Bar Dips 4 8-12 0 secs
    Cable Triceps Pressdown 4 8-12 45 secs Superset #5
    Lying Triceps Extensions 4 8-12 0 secs Barbell
    OH Triceps Extensions 4 8-12 45 secs Single-Arm Superset #6

    2-3 circuits

    •Curl-Ups (McGill) (x 15)
    •Bicycle Crunches (x 15)
    •Side Crunches (x 15)
    •Hip-ups (x 15)
    •Medicine Ball Twists (x 15)
    •Cardio: Treadmill or Elliptical for 30 mins

    Sunday and Monday Rest

    Tuesday & Saturday - Legs, Back, Biceps

    Front Squats 4 8-12 0 secs
    Split Squats 4 8-12 45 secs Superset #1
    Leg Press 4 8-12 0 secs
    Jump Squats 4 8-12 45 secs Superset #2
    Walking Lunges 4 8-12 0 secs
    Calf Raises 4 8-12 45 secs Superset #3
    Barbell Deadlift 4 8-12 0 secs
    Alternating Leg Curls 4 8-12 45 secs Superset #4
    Pullups 4 8-12 0 secs
    Dumbbell Rows 4 8-12 45 secs Superset #5
    Lat Pull Downs 4 8-12 0 secs
    Seated Pulley Rows 4 8-12 45 secs Superset #6

    3 sets each 8-12

    •Seated Bicep Curl
    •Dumbbell Bicep Curl
    •Barbell Bicep Curls
    •EZ Bar Curl
    •Preacher Curl
    •Machine Bicep Curl
    •Cardio: Treadmill or Elliptical for 30 mins

    Thursday - Full Body

    4 rounds of each circuit

    8 reps of each circuit

    Rest 90 seconds to rest after finishing a circuit

    Circuit 1

    •Barbell Deadlift
    •Power Clean
    •Clean and Press
    •Hang Snatch
    •Push Press

    Circuit 2

    •Split Squats
    •Barbell Bench Press
    •Barbell Deadlift
    •Inverted Row


    2-3 sets

    6-8 reps

    Rest 60 secs between each exercise.

    •Cable Bicep Curls
    •Seated Chest Press
    •Leg Press
    •Triceps Pushdown
    •Seated Side Lateral Raise

    2-3 circuits of 15 reps per exercise:

    •Stretching, Foam Roller, Bands and Val Slides
    •Curl-Ups (McGill) (x 15)
    •Bicycle Crunches (x 15)
    •Side Crunches (x 15)
    •Hip-ups (x 15)
    •Medicine Ball Twists (x 15)
    •Cardio: Treadmill or Elliptical for 30 mins


    Meal 1:
    - 2 Eggs
    - 8 ounces Egg Whites
    - 8oz Almond Milk
    -50g Dry oats
    - 1 Wheat tortilla or 1 toast

    Meal 2:

    -8 ounces of Egg Whites
    - 8oz Almond Milk
    - 5 rice cakes
    - 120g banana

    Meal 3:
    4oz chicken/turkey
    1 wheat tortilla

    5oz chicken
    300g rice
    .75oz almonds or 1oz of cheese
    12 oz veggies

    Meal 5:

    8oz egg whites
    8oz almond milk
    50g oats
    16g nut butter

    or (Depends on how much time I have)

    100g rice
    4oz of chicken

    Meal 6:

    5oz Chicken or 4oz of beef
    100g rice
    12oz veggies
    .75oz almonds or 1oz cheese

    1 cheat meal per week
    If I feel like I am starving or am craving something I will have a snack. Usually a protein bar, apple, 4-6 oz of ice cream or a few cookies.

    This comes around to about 3000-3200 a day. Cheat meal day I usually skip a meal and I keep it under 4,000 calories for the day. Usually about 3,500. Will add an extra meal if weight is not coming on in a week or two.


    1. Does anyone have any recommendations as far as when to add an AI?
    2. HCG 250IU daily an odd protocol? Usually I hear 500IU every other day.
    3. Anyone think I should change anything here?
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