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    Help with HGH dosage


    Im looking over my current cycle.
    Im currently taking 7 units on the insulin needle (0,07ml) if my math is correct, of Genotropin 12mg (12mg = 1ml)

    The product is GENOTROPIN SOMATROPIN 12mg 36 IU

    Im not sure how to calculate the exact amount of iu im taking.. But it should be around 2 i.u.

    Is this correct?

    I understand this sounds very unprepared and bad planed. But my english is horrible and im on low doses.

    My question is, should i up my dose now after 4 weeks?

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    Every unit = 0.33 mg of hgh.

    So figure out how many mg you want per shot. So 7 units is 2.31 mg

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