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    Unusual Problem with Sub Q Test C Injection

    Posted here a few months ago regarding my TRT protocol and my idiot endocrinologist. Comments made me reconsider my doctors and I started reading a lot more to educate myself. In the end I decided to switch to being a patient at Defy Medical and I've been very pleased.

    My routine and TRT protocol were dramatically changed. I now do sub Q Test C injections EOD instead of old doc's advised 200mg every 2 weeks using a harpoon. Also now taking 1000 ius of HCG split into 3 sub Q injections, and anastrozole .125 mg EOD. Also on NatureThroid now to treat thyroid issues.

    Been very pleased with protocol and how I feel on it. Really amazing improvements both physically and mentally. Also been happy regarding the sub-Q injections. They are pain free and so much better when pinning EOD.

    I haven't had any problems until my shot this evening. I've experienced a drop of leakage of the Test C before but nothing like tonight. I have no idea of how much actually leaked out of my thigh (outer head about half way up) but there seemed to be a significant amount. Absolutely nothing was different than before. Was only injecting 20 mililiters again my standard, so no extra volume or dose. Came from the same vial I've been using. After my dose I massaged the area a bit as advised by the doc and then pulled up my shorts and forgot about it. But maybe 2-3 minutes later when I stood up to use the restroom i noticed that my pants were noticeably wet. Enough test had leaked out to soak through underwear and make khaki pants wet. I don't understand what happened or if I did something wrong. Was definitely test as was very oily. I use a 1cc 27g 1/2 inch insulin needle.

    I'm going to call the doc tomorrow but was wondering if anyone has an idea what might have happened? And should I inject more to compensate for amount lost?

    Thx for any help you guys can provide.


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    Try aztrack method of injection. It may not work so good sub q but it works fine intramuscularly. Someting I do on all injections is press the injection site with an alcohol wipe and massage it in. If it pockets and is pressurized enough it will shoot back out. Pressing it make the pocket expand over a broader area so there is less pressure once you have massaged it in.

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