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    Too much HCG + low T = ED?

    I just wanted to update my situation:

    It's been over a month since I last posted. I was taking 600mg Cyp, 300 Tren , which I got off. I'm prescribed 200mg of TRT cyp but I decided to lower my TRT to 100mg per week; split in two shots Monday & Thursday, because 200mg raises my T levels to 1500 so my doctor told me to lower it back to 100mg, which I did only recently.

    So take 100mg test cyp per week mon and thurs
    I take a large amout of HCG , 2500ius Monday & Thursday
    I've been on 4ius GH ED for months and will cointinue to stay on it all year.

    Results so far have been higher ejaculation volume
    I haven't lost any strength (surprisingly) or size really... means I made REAL solid gains (probably due to HIT Training and GH)

    HOWEVER, my sex drive has decreased; not the desire, but the actual physical drive. Recently, the last few times I went to have sex with my wife, I had an issue with hardness and fullness of my erections.

    What is the issue? I'm thinking maybe it's too much HCG and its time to lower it after the entire month of a higher kickstart, or do I need more test and go back to 200mg?
    I figured I would keep blasting HCG until my wife got pregnant but I know it will take 3 months for new spermeogensis.

    Any advice is appreciated. Thanks

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    You don't need that much HCG which is more than likely causing you estrogen issues and thus, libido / performance issues. Drop it back to a normal dose.

    Read this:
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    I figured that had to be a problem. I just wanted to kick start the process and so I did.
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    The study says this:

    "Recovery of spermatogenesis in steroid suppressed patients
    For healthy patients who use exogenous testosterone and are unable to establish a pregnancy because of the deficient spermatogenesis, there are now solutions to reverse the negative impact of testosterone supplementation. In our experience treatment involves discontinuation of exogenous testosterone and administration of 3000 units of hCG (either with the aromatase inhibitor anastrozole or the selective estrogen receptor modulator tamoxifen or clomiphene citrate) intramuscularly every other day for 3 or more months. As higher doses of hCG are known to suppress FSH levels, simultaneous administration of clomiphene citrate not only preserves, but enhances the secretion of FSH and LH from the anterior pituitary. With such treatments, testosterone-induced azoospermia was successfully reversed with hCG therapy in nearly all men receiving treatment. While further studies need to be carried out, every-other-day intramuscular hCG therapy is a viable option in the treatment of men who suffer suppressed spermatogenesis due to testosterone replacement . However, recovery is not immediate; patient spermatogenesis returned in 4–6 months."

    So maybe I need to add Clomid

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