Hello guys, i've finally decided to going in TRT. I was evaluating Nebido as therapy. I've read a lot here and on the net about protocols and its half-life.
Some tell of 16-21 days of half-life of the undecanoate ester, others about ~33 days half-life, based if it's on tea seed oil of castor oil respectively. In other places and studies, as standard protocol for 1000mg/4ML injection, it's told is 90+-40 days. Now... what the damn is nebido half-life ?????? Who has the reason ?

Further, i've read guys who got a good blood profile and benefit, by the standard protocol of 1000mg/4ML in one shot and check/adjust the dosage after 10-12 weeks for second shot, while others getting better injecting 500mg/2ML every month, almost at beginning load. It's true that the hormone releasing is not linear and some could have a quicker release than other, so metabolizing quickly the hormone so half-life could change. It's subjective. However, it would be very important know what is the real declared half-life of Nebido formulation, as it's in castor oil, as starting base to keep trace about the things are going.

For example a subject who injects 1000mg/4ML in one shot, could have an undesired testosterone spike at beginning which could consequently result in a rapid declining of the hormone in the blood stream, which could result in a shorter half-life respect what declared.

Giving that 1000 mgs of undecanoate ester are ~631 mgs of active testosterone and its half-life is ~90 days as average value, after this period we would have 315 mgs of testosterone released in blood stream... in 90 days; a virile young man produce naturally around ~10mg/day of testosterone and in 90 days this could be 10 * 90 = ~900 mgs, assuming a linear releasing progression; so respect with 315 mgs of Nebido release in ~90 days, we would have ~65% less testosterone released respect an hypothetical naturally production ( ~3,5mgs/day ). But i know this could be a pure speculation, being the releasing progression is not linear, but it could be useful to consider this.

However, i think it would be better, almost at beginning, to inject 500mgs/2ML in one shot every 4-5 weeks and getting blood work to testing the individual metabolic capacity to absord testosterone undecanoate of Nebido, ensuring in this way to avoid both spikes (consequently high E2, hemoglobin and HCT) and potential fluctuations, risking to getting a shit in the last weeks before the next shot, as many users told.

What are your thoughts it about ( half-life is really 90+-40 days ) ?