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Thread: New doc for trt. Anastrozole ? Blood work with protocol

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    New doc for trt. Anastrozole ? Blood work with protocol

    I haven’t posted in forever however I have a new trt doc.

    Here’s a copy of my blood work I was just put on a 7 day protocol which is as follows; 1 cc of 200mg test cyp, followed by .5 anastrozole 24 hours later followed by 50 unit/.5 mL hcg on day 6 and 7. If I was already low ok e2 should I go ahead and proceed with the anastrozole?

    New doc for trt. Anastrozole ? Blood work with protocol-20cc83cf-c59b-416f-a2b7-e9b3a673f5e4.jpeg

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    Extremely old school protocol brother. Doc needs to get with the times. In short, test has a half life of about 5 days or so, metabolism dependent. So by doing once per week injections you achieve a high peak in a day or so (hence why he wants you to take adex 24 hrs later. At least he figured that out) and then it's a downward slide to the end of the week. This graph gives you a visual of it:

    He then instructs you to take HCG on both one and two days prior to the next injection. This is to use HCG to bump up your T levels to get you through to the next injection without a huge slump. Make sense? It works but it's archaic.

    You'd be much better off splitting your dose into twice weekly injections. When doing so I'd recommend a lesser amount as well. Maybe 75mgs x 2 but no more. You may find that's actually a bit much. You'll achieve levels similar to the old school protocol but with less peaks and valleys. Meaning you'll feel better. It will also allow you to use less to no adex as well as cause less RBC production and so on. Take your HCG at 250 iu's on the same day as your test injections.

    I'd also suggest that if you initiate what I'm suggesting that you do not take any adex and then recheck bloods in 4 weeks and titrate as needed. Main goal is to keep your free T in the upper part of the range. You'll also feel better and usually function better with your E2 at the upper end of the scale. Be sure you obtain a Sensitive E2 Assay though, not standard estradiol.

    Hope this helps! Others will chime in as well!

    ps: your BUN is probably just due to higher protein....
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