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    Why no drugs to boost shbg?

    Are there any drugs that boost shbg directly? Can't believe no pharma companies have come up with it... I heard about Capesaris but i think it failed

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    None spring to mind. Simply getting older will do it though.
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    thyroid meds raise SHBG

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    Why do you want to boost it? Doesn't high shbg tie up free test in blood?

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Deadlifting Dog View Post
    thyroid meds raise SHBG
    Agree, the data is pretty clear on this. The main limitation is the extent to which you can enhance thyroid hormones without unacceptable side-effects. My experience is each 30 mg of Armour Thyroid increased my SHBG by about 10 nmol/L, which was not good for me in that I had high SHBG to begin with. Long story covered in a different thread.

    Be vary careful about introducing exogenous thyroid hormone. SLOW AN OVER TIME IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS. My only experience is with Armour Thyroid, and I would only recommend increasing doses of 15 mg at a time and no more sooner than 3 to 4 weeks apart.

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